Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Some Advice on How to Hire a Virtual Executive Assistant

Do you plan to hire a virtual executive assistant? The following three tips will make the task both easy and fruitful. Virtual executive assistants are great for a company if he or she is precisely appropriate for what you need. He or she will usually be in charge of arranging appointments, conferences, arranging training courses, making and distributing internal reports, e-mail management, and so on.

Therefore, the first factor you need to seek when outsourcing is how adeptly he or she speaks your language. It's really critical that the virtual assistant be able to engage in effective communication with you and your clients via email and telephone.

The second important thing is that she / he be proficient with Microsoft Office. Creating presentations, compiling market research into a database structure, or designing a newsletter may be required if you wish to attract and keep clients. Virtual executive assistants should have the capacity to utilize Microsoft Office and equivalent programs in order to successfully accomplish what's asked of them.

Accessibility is the third necessary element. You should have the capacity to utilize the services of a virtual executive assistant whenever you deem them necessary. It's very important that you concur about the approximate time when he or she will be available throughout the day. Luckily, with modern-day technological advances it's possible to be available 24 hours a day. You will need to come up with the best way to retain in touch with one another, in addition to determining an ideal time to do so.

The fourth important element of choosing a virtual executive assistant is setting up the fees and billing. Do not forget that the objective for outsourcing is to save cash, work, and time. Only outsource the services which do one or more of the things we already discussed. Investigation on the internet to determine the ordinary fee for the services of a good virtual executive assistant. Provide a fraction less than the going rate for a trial period, to allow each of you to determine if it will be appropriate for both of your needs. As soon as you've got the correct person, agree on an amount which will motivate him or her to stay.

Keep in mind that each time you employ new virtual executive assistants, you have to take time away from the office to provide training to the assistant. Money, time and effort is what is usually needed. For that reason, it is more efficient to keep the (chosen) new employee contented and wanting to perform his or her work.

Determine from the very beginning how the person would like to be given his or her pay - through check, Paypal, bank transfer or any other way. To make the relationship with your virtual executive assistant as open and transparent as possible, ascertain your billing frequency beforehand. If you are outsourcing it is always a sound practice to have the assistant invoice you so you have a record of the expenditure.

As time goes on, you can develop a professional relationship you both find gratifying, and with him/her on your team, you'll be able to expand your business to new heights.

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